Walt Disney World with Children – Kids and scary stuff

DISNEY RIDES AND SHOWS ARE ADVENTURES, they usually focal point on topics of all adventures: excellent and evil, loss of life, magnificence and ugliness, fellowship and enmity. As you pattern the sights at Walt Disney World, you’ll transcend the spinning and bouncing of halfway rides to idea-scary and emotionally highly effective leisure. All of the endings are chuffed, however the adventures’ impression, given Disney’s present for unique results, ceaselessly intimidates and infrequently frightens small children.

There are sights with menacing witches, burning cities, and ghouls coming out of their graves, all achieved with humor, supplied you’re sufficiently old to have in mind the funny story. And bones. There are bones in every single place: human bones, cattle bones, dinosaur bones, even complete skeletons. There’s a stack of skulls on the headhunters’ camp on the Jungle Cruise, a platoon of skeletons crusing ghost ships in Pirates of the Caribbean, and an assemblage of skulls and skeletons in The Haunted Mansion. Skulls, skeletons, and bones punctuate Peter Pan’s Flight and Giant Thunder Mountain Railroad. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a complete playground composed solely of huge bones and skeletons.

unofficial TIP

Monsters and unique results at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are extra actual and sinister than these within the different parks.

In case your youngster has issue dealing with the ghouls of The Haunted Mansion, then you definitely must think carefully about exposing him on the Studios to computer-gun battles, earthquakes, and the creature from Alienin The Nice Film Trip.

Which you could reliably predict that Walt Disney World will, at one time or some other, ship a younger youngster into gadget overload. Be delicate, alert, and ready for just about anything else, even conduct that’s out of persona to your kid. Most kids take Disney’s macabre trappings in stride, and others are simply comforted by way of an arm across the shoulder or a squeeze of the hand. Oldsters who comprehend that their youngsters are inclined to grow to be upset must take your time and straightforward, sampling benign adventures just like the Jungle Cruise, gauging reactions, and discussing with the kids how they felt about what they noticed.

Now and again babies will upward thrust above their anxiousness so to please their folks or siblings. This doesn’t essentially point out a mastery of concern, a lot much less enjoyment. If kids go away a experience in it sounds as if just right form, ask in the event that they wish to go on it once more (no longer essentially now, however someday). The response on a regular basis will point out how a lot they in fact loved the expertise.

Evaluating a baby’s capability to deal with the visible and tactile results of Disney World requires endurance, working out, and experimentation. Every of us has our personal demons. If a baby balks at or is apprehensive by using a experience, reply constructively. Let your kids understand that a whole lot of folks, adults and youngsters, are scared through what they see and really feel. Lend a hand them take into account that it’s OK in the event that they get anxious and that their worry doesn’t reduce your love or admire. Take pains to not compound the soreness by way of making a toddler really feel insufficient; are attempting to not undermine vanity, impugn braveness, or ridicule. Most of all, don’t set off guilt by using suggesting the baby’s trepidation may well be ruining the domestic’s enjoyable. It’s additionally every so often essential to restrain older siblings’ taunting.

A reader from New York Metropolis expresses robust emotions about pressuring youngsters:

As a psychologist who works with kids, I felt ethically torn (and just about filed a record!) observing folks pressure their youngsters to head on rides they didn’t need to experience (particularly the Tower of Terror and DINOSAUR). The Disney personnel have been greater than keen to prepare a parental swap to save lots of these kids from such abuse!

Small-Youngster Fright-Attainable Chart

It is a fast reference to establish points of interest to be cautious of, and why. The chart represents a generalization, and all children are completely different. It relates particularly to children a while three–7. On moderate, kids on the youthful finish of the diversity usually tend to be fearful than kids of their sixth or seventh yr.



MAIN STREET VEHICLES Now not scary the least bit.

WALT DISNEY WORLD RAILROAD Now not scary the least bit.


ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM A thunderstorm, loud extent degree, and simulated explosions frighten some preschoolers.

JUNGLE CRUISE Fairly excessive, some macabre attractions. A just right check enchantment for children.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Quite intimidating queuing space; extreme boat journey with ugly (although humorously offered) points of interest and a brief, sudden slide down a flume.

THE MAGIC CARPETS OF ALADDIN Very like Dumbo. A favourite of small children.

SWISS FAMILY TREEHOUSE Will not be appropriate for youngsters who’re terrified of heights.


BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD Visually intimidating from outdoor, with relatively excessive visible results. The curler coaster is wild sufficient to frighten many adults, in particular seniors.Switching-off possibility supplied.

COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE No longer scary the least bit.

FRONTIERLAND SHOOTIN’ ARCADE Now not horrifying the least bit.

SPLASH MOUNTAIN Visually intimidating from out of doors, with rather extreme visible results. The trip culminates in a fifty two-foot plunge down a steep chute. Switching-off possibility supplied.

TOM SAWYER ISLAND AND FORT LANGHORN Some very babies are intimidated by using darkish stroll-via tunnels that may be simply refrained from.


THE HALL OF PRESIDENTS No longer horrifying, however boring for younger ones.

THE HAUNTED MANSION Title raises nervousness, as do sounds and points of interest of ready space. Excessive enchantment with humorously introduced macabre attractions. The experience itself is mild.

LIBERTY BELLE RIVERBOAT No longer scary the least bit.


DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT A tame halfway experience; a super favourite of most babies.


THE BARNSTORMER May just frighten some preschoolers.

IT’S A SMALL WORLD Now not horrifying the least bit.

MAD TEA PARTY Halfway-kind journey can result in movement illness in all a while.

THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH Frightens a small proportion of preschoolers.

PETER PAN’S FLIGHT No longer horrifying the least bit.

PRINCE CHARMING REGAL CARROUSEL Now not scary the least bit.

SEVEN DWARFS MINE TRAIN No longer open at press time.

UNDER THE SEA: JOURNEY OF THE LITTLE MERMAID No longer open at press time.


ASTRO ORBITER Visually intimidating from the ready space, however the journey is reasonably tame.

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR’S SPACE RANGER SPIN Darkish journey with cartoonlike aliens. Could frighten some preschoolers.

MONSTERS, INC. LAUGH FLOOR Could frighten a small proportion of preschoolers.

SPACE MOUNTAIN Very severe curler coaster at nighttime; the Magic Kingdom’s wildest experience and a horrifying curler coaster through any same old. Switching-off choice supplied.

STITCH’S GREAT ESCAPE! Very excessive. May just frighten youngsters age 9 and youthful. Switching-offoption equipped.

TOMORROWLAND SPEEDWAY Noise of ready house moderately intimidates preschoolers; in any other case, now not horrifying.


WALT DISNEY’S CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS Now not scary the least bit.



IMAGINATION!: CAPTAIN EO Extraordinarily excessive visible results and loudness frighten many babies.

INNOVENTIONS EAST AND WEST Now not horrifying the least bit.

JOURNEY INTO IMAGINATION WITH FIGMENT Loud noises and surprising flashing lights startle youthful kids.

THE LAND: THE CIRCLE OF LIFE Now not horrifying the least bit.

THE LAND: LIVING WITH THE LAND Now not scary the least bit.

THE LAND: SOARIN’ Could frighten kids age 7 and youthful. In reality an awfully mellow experience.

MISSION: SPACE Extraordinarily excessive house-simulation experience that has been identified to frighten friends of all a long time. Preshow may additionally frighten some youngsters. Switching-off possibility equipped.

THE SEAS—THE SEAS WITH NEMO & FRIENDS Very candy however may just frighten some children.

THE SEAS: MAIN TANK AND EXHIBITS Now not horrifying the least bit.

THE SEAS: TURTLE TALK WITH CRUSH Now not horrifying the least bit.

SPACESHIP EARTH Darkish, imposing presentation intimidates just a few preschoolers.

TEST TRACK Excessive thrill experience could frighten company of any age. Switching-off possibility supplied.

UNIVERSE OF ENERGY: ELLEN’S ENERGY ADVENTURE Dinosaur section frightens some preschoolers; visually severe, with some intimidating results.


THE AMERICAN ADVENTURE Now not horrifying the least bit.

CANADA: O CANADA! No longer horrifying, however target audience should stand.

CHINA: REFLECTIONS OF CHINA No longer scary the least bit.

FRANCE: IMPRESSIONS DE FRANCE Now not horrifying the least bit.

GERMANY Now not horrifying the least bit.

ITALY No longer scary the least bit.

JAPAN No longer scary the least bit.

MEXICO: GRAN FIESTA TOUR No longer scary the least bit.

MOROCCO Now not horrifying the least bit.

NORWAY: MAELSTROM Visually excessive in components. Experience ends with a plunge down a 20-foot flume. Just a few preschoolers are apprehensive.

UNITED KINGDOM Now not horrifying the least bit.

UNITED STATES No longer scary the least bit.


THE OASIS No longer scary the least bit.

RAFIKI’S PLANET WATCH No longer horrifying the least bit.


THE TREE OF LIFE / IT’S TOUGH TO BE A BUG! Very severe and loud, with unique results that startle viewers of all a long time and probably terrify sons and daughters.


FESTIVAL OF THE LION KING A little loud, however in any other case no longer scary.


KILIMANJARO SAFARIS A “collapsing” bridge and the proximity of actual animals make a couple of small children anxious.

PANGANI FOREST EXPLORATION TRAIL Now not horrifying the least bit.

WILDLIFE EXPRESS TRAIN Now not horrifying the least bit.


EXPEDITION EVEREST Can frighten visitors of all a long time. Switching-off possibility supplied.

FLIGHTS OF WONDER Swooping birds alarm a couple of young children.

KALI RIVER RAPIDS Doubtlessly horrifying and definitely moist for company of all a long time. Switching-offoption supplied.

MAHARAJAH JUNGLE TREK Some youngsters could recoil on the bat show off.


THE BONEYARD Now not scary the least bit.

DINOSAUR Excessive-tech thrill trip rattles riders of all a long time. Switching-off choice equipped.

PRIMEVAL WHIRL A amateur curler coaster. Most kids age 7 and older will take it in stride.Switching-off possibility equipped.

THEATER IN THE WILD / FINDING NEMO—THE MUSICAL Now not scary the least bit, however loud.

TRICERATOP SPIN A halfway-sort trip so that it will frighten handiest a small proportion of youthful youngsters.



THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE Excessive in elements, with very real looking unique results and a few visually intimidating attractions. Frightens many preschoolers.


FANTASMIC! Terrifies some preschoolers.

ROCK ’N’ ROLLER COASTER The wildest coaster at Walt Disney World. Could frighten friends of any age. Switching-off choice supplied.


THE TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR Visually intimidating to small children; accommodates excessive and sensible unique results. The plummeting elevator on the journey’s finish frightens many adults in addition to youngsters. Switching-off choice supplied.


THE AMERICAN IDOL EXPERIENCE Every now and then, the singing may just frighten any person.

INDIANA JONES EPIC STUNT SPECTACULAR! An excessive express with highly effective unique results, together with explosions, however younger children in most cases deal with it smartly.

STAR TOURS—THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE Extraordinarily excessive visually for all a long time; too extreme for kids beneath age eight. Switching-off possibility supplied.


HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS MOVIE SET ADVENTURE No longer horrifying (although outsized).

JIM HENSON’S MUPPET-VISION three-D Excessive and loud, however now not horrifying.

LIGHTS, MOTORS, ACTION! EXTREME STUNT SHOW Tremendous stunt magnificent; severe with loud noises and explosions, however no longer threatening in any respect.

STUDIO BACKLOT TOUR Sedate and nonintimidating except for for Disaster Canyon, the place an earthquake and a flash flood are simulated. Put together youthful youngsters for this a part of the tour.


TOY STORY MANIA! Darkish journey may just frighten some preschoolers.


WALT DISNEY: ONE MAN’S DREAM No longer horrifying the least bit.


DISNEY JUNIOR—LIVE ON STAGE! No longer horrifying the least bit.

THE MAGIC OF DISNEY ANIMATION No longer horrifying the least bit.

VOYAGE OF THE LITTLE MERMAID No longer scary the least bit.

A seek advice from to Disney World is greater than an day trip or an journey for a younger youngster. It’s a checking out expertise, a type of managed ceremony of passage. Should you lend a hand your infant work throughout the challenges, the time will also be immeasurably profitable and a bonding expertise for you each.


WHILE EACH YOUNGSTER IS DIFFERENT, following are seven enchantment components that by myself or mixed might push a toddler’s buttons and point out that a undeniable appeal isn’t age acceptable for that youngster:

1. NAME OF THE ATTRACTION Small children will naturally be anxious about one thing known as, say, The Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror.

2. VISUAL IMPACT OF THE ATTRACTION FROM OUTSIDE Splash Mountain, the Tower of Terror, and Giant Thunder Mountain Railroad seem frightening sufficient to present adults 2nd ideas, and so they terrify many babies.

three. VISUAL IMPACT OF THE INDOOR-QUEUING AREA The caves at Pirates of the Caribbean and the dungeons and “stretch rooms” of The Haunted Mansion can frighten youngsters.

four. INTENSITY OF THE ATTRACTION Some sights inundate the senses with points of interest, sounds, motion, and even odor. Animal Kingdom’s It’s Tricky to be a Computer virus!, as an example, combines loud sounds, lights, smoke, and animatronic bugs with three-D cinematography to create a complete sensory expertise.

A Johnston, Iowa, mother describes the placement smartly:

The three-D and four-D experiences are means too frightening for even an awfully courageous 5-12 months-outdated lady. The displays that blew issues on her, shot smells within the air, had bugs flying, and so on. scared the bejesus out of her. We escorted her crying from [It’s Tough to Be a Bug!, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, and Stitch’s Great Escape!].

5. VISUAL IMPACT OF THE ATTRACTION Attractions in more than a few points of interest vary from falling boulders to lurking buzzards, from grazing dinosaurs to waltzing ghosts. What one kid evenly absorbs may just scare the bejeepers out of some other the identical age.

6. DARK Many Disney World points of interest function indoors at the hours of darkness. For some youngsters, this triggers concern. A toddler who will get worried on one darkish journey (The Haunted Mansion, as an instance) is also unwilling to check out different indoor rides.

7. THE TACTILE EXPERIENCE OF THE RIDE Some rides are wild sufficient to lead to movement illness, wrench backs, and discombobulate friends of any age.

As a footnote to the previous, take note that gaining the braveness and self assurance in regard to the sights will not be essentially an upwardly linear course of. A dad from Maryland explains:

As a four-12 months-previous, my daughter completely cherished The Haunted Mansion. At 5 she was once scared to demise on it! At 6 she used to be wonderful once more. Simply because a toddler loves a trip at one age doesn’t imply that she or he will like it on the subsequent travel.


WE RECEIVE MANY TIPS FROM PARENTS telling how they ready their small children for the Disney expertise. A typical technique is to acquaint kids with the characters and tales in the back of the sights with the aid of studying Disney books and staring at Disney movies at dwelling. A extra direct method is to observe movies that exhibit the sights. Of the latter, a Lexington, Kentucky, mother reviews:

My timid 7-12 months-previous daughter and I watched rides and displays on YouTube, and we reduce out the entire ones that regarded too horrifying. On the parks, she nonetheless didn’t like, and cried at, It’s Difficult to Be a Malicious program! Ellen’s Power Journey made her hectic up, however she beloved, beloved, beloved Kali River Rapids.

A Gloucester, Massachusetts, mother solved the issue instant:

My 31⁄2-12 months-previous was once fearful of The Haunted Mansion. We simply pulled his hat over his face and quietly talked to him whereas we rode.

In case your video retailer doesn’t hire Disney trip DVDs, that you would be able to order the free Walt Disney World Trip Planning DVD with the aid of calling Disney reservations at   407-W-DISNEY (934-7639). This DVD isn’t as complete as travelogues you could hire, nevertheless it’s ample for giving your youngsters a way of what they’ll see. That you could additionally ask for knowledge on lodging, eating places, and such. Permit at the least one month for supply. That you would be able to additionally go browsing to disneyworld.com and click on on “Free Trip Planning DVD” to order on-line. Word: As a result of Disney is in a price-containment match, it’s that you can imagine that the DVD could also be discontinued.

Now not the whole thing at Disney World is roofed within the DVD, however you’ll discover most of what’s lacking atYouTube.


YOU MAY SPEND SO MUCH ENERGY being concerned about Junior that you just fail to remember to care for your self. The next points of interest can lead to movement illness or different issues for older youngsters and adults:



FANTASYLAND Mad Tea Celebration

FRONTIERLAND Large Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain



FUTURE WORLD Mission: SPACE, Sum of All Thrills, Take a look at Monitor


ASIA Day trip Everest, Kali River Rapids



ECHO LAKE Famous person Excursions—The Adventures Proceed

SUNSET BOULEVARD Rock ’n’ Curler Coaster, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror


A NUMBER OF ATTRACTIONS REQUIRE youngsters to fulfill minimal top and age necessities. If in case you have kids too quick or too younger to experience, you’ve gotten a couple of choices, together with switching off. Even if the possible choices could get to the bottom of some sensible and logistical concerns, your smaller kids may just on the other hand be resentful of their older (or taller) siblings who qualify to experience. A mother from Virginia writes of the sort of scenario:

You point out top necessities for rides however no longer the extreme sibling jealousy this will generate. Frontierland used to be an actual drawback in that recognize. Our very petite 5-12 months-outdated, to her outrage, was once caught striking round whereas our eight-yr-outdated went on Splash Mountain and Giant Thunder Mountain with hergrandma and granddad, and the local possible choices weren’t useful (too lengthy a line for rafts to Tom Sawyer Island, and so on.). The perfect areas had a playground or different fast sights for brief folks close to the rides with peak necessities, like The Boneyard close to the DINOSAUR trip at Animal Kingdom.

The reader makes some extent, although splitting the workforce and assembly later may also be extra difficult than she imagines. In case you cut up up, ask the Disney attendant (referred to as a greeter) on the entrance to the appeal(s) with peak necessities how lengthy the wait is. If you happen to tack 5 minutes for using on to the predicted wait and add 5 or so minutes to exit and attain the assembly level, you’ll have a way of how lengthy the youthful children (and their supervising grownup) must do different stuff. Our bet is that even with a protracted line for the rafts, the reader would’ve had adequate time to take her daughter to Tom Sawyer Island whereas the sibs rode Splash Mountain and Large Thunder Mountain with the grandparents. Needless to say, she had time to tour the Swiss Household Treehouse in adjoining Adventureland.

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