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I eat more when i exercise? how to lose weight, but gain muscle

It’s true that increasing your physical activity levels can make you feel hungrier, but the same is true of eating less. Your body will respond to any change that results in you taking in fewer calories than you burn with a series of physiological and behavioral tactics that conspire to keep you at your current weight. That’s why almost none of the weight-loss interventions that have been tested in clinical trials achieve losses that the majority of participants sustain beyond a few years. It’s not just exercising to lose weight that’s hard—it’s losing weight by any means.

Cumulative effect of all exercise that I’ve done over the years on my health

ATTITUDES TOWARD EXERCISE AND AGING have changed dramatically in recent decades, as shown by 73-year-old Ed Whitlock’s record-setting sub-three-hour marathon in 2004. His time of 2:54:48 wasn’t just fast for an old guy—he placed 26th out of more than 1,400 finishers. The aging body is capable of much more than we once believed, but study after study has shown that we have to “use it or lose it.” As a result, researchers are busy figuring out what kinds of exercise are best for keeping our bodies and minds young.