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What’s wrong with our food system?

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Today, doctors swear the Hippocratic Oath, yet they ignore the original advice. The foundation for staying healthy in...

Boost your Immunity with Soy Foods

Soy foods benefit the nervous, glandular, digestive/detoxification, and musculoskeletal immune centers. Outsourcing osteoporosis, obesity, and heart disease? Use your bean. Specifically, use your soybean. A lot of us are. Soy is the number two crop...

Fat burning and what are we eating

Food is now nothing more than plastic for people’s mouth entertainment. —DR. STEVEN NELSON Family meals are a ritual of the past. Now instead, children graze or forage; but unlike previous hunter gatherers, they...

The “One-Amazing-Meal-a-Day” Protocol for your teeth health

This program is not recommended for people who have severe cavities, tooth infections, or who are trying to heal highly sensitive teeth. This program will not be as effective as the balanced program, but it will be effective for most people who want to prevent cavities, or heal small cavities naturally. This program is based on Weston Price’s one-good-meal-per-day diet for poor children that we described in earlier post.

Balanced Tooth Decay Remineralizing Program

Even with a healthy diet, some foods on this list will cause a tooth disaster. Other foods may not be that bad for your teeth if consumed on occasion. The details on these foods were discussed in the previous post. The more you avoid these foods, the more completely your teeth can remineralize.

Multi-Vitamins, Soy Products and Nightshades against tooth decay

Most supplemental vitamins do little good and put quite a bit of internal stress on our organs. There is a reason why nature provides us with plant and animal food, and that we cannot live just by eating dirt or rocks. Our bodies view the synthetic vita­mins as toxic substances that need to be rapidly eliminated. Hence the unusual odor or color of urine you may notice after consuming multi-vitamins.

Healthy breakfast for your teeth – eat grains at home

Do not use store-bought whole grain flour. Unbleached flour is low in phytic acid. Just keep in mind that for the long run, eating only unsoured unbleached flour is not an ideal health practice. Choose white basmati or white jasmine or sushi rice for your homemade rice dishes.