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Stocking a Healthful Vegan Kitchen

Today being your first day, no doubt you will want to know what to eat! Before I send you to the grocery store, I encourage you to take a look in your cupboards, refrigerator,...

Boost your Immunity with Soy Foods

Soy foods benefit the nervous, glandular, digestive/detoxification, and musculoskeletal immune centers. Outsourcing osteoporosis, obesity, and heart disease? Use your bean. Specifically, use your soybean. A lot of us are. Soy is the number two crop...

Multi-Vitamins, Soy Products and Nightshades against tooth decay

Most supplemental vitamins do little good and put quite a bit of internal stress on our organs. There is a reason why nature provides us with plant and animal food, and that we cannot live just by eating dirt or rocks. Our bodies view the synthetic vita­mins as toxic substances that need to be rapidly eliminated. Hence the unusual odor or color of urine you may notice after consuming multi-vitamins.