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What to Eat to Treat Insomnia

Insomnia affects the nervous, glandular, musculoskeletal, and respiratory immune centers. Don’t toss and turn—simmer and sip. Forty million of us, including 30 percent of seniors, don’t get forty winks regularly. That’s bad; fail­ure to...

Balance your hormones to burn fat

Dr. Jonathan Wright is called the father of bioidentical hormones because he was the first physician to prescribe them in the United States twenty-five years ago. He teaches other doctors the art of individualizing...

Becoming Sexually Active Again – Hormonal Replacement Therapy in Women

Is Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) for You? Whether or not systemic HRT is appropriate or likely to prove beneficial for you can best be decided by your doctor. Talk to him or her about the possibility of this treatment. You may be an ideal candidate. This is particularly likely if your periods have stopped and menopause has occurred in your early forties or before. On the other hand, you may want or need to manage your symptoms without hormones.