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Warm up before exercise and how to avoid soreness after exercise

The general goals of a warm-up are “to increase muscle and tendon suppleness, to stimulate blood flow to the periphery, to increase body temperature, and to enhance free, coordinated movement,” according to a group of U.S. Army researchers who studied the problem in 2006. A gentle jog accomplishes some of these goals—raising body temperature, for instance—but it doesn’t do much to prepare the specific muscles that will help you lift a weight, throw a ball, or cut sideways across the court. Instead, you need to perform a series of exercises that move your muscles through the full range of motion that you plan to use, at first gently and then with increasing vigor

The difference between strength and power – Free weights or machines

Power is defined as “force times velocity,” and it represents the ability to deliver a large amount of strength in a short period of time. The strength to hoist a heavy weight in a leg-press machine requires only force; the explosive power to leap high in the air requires both force and velocity. That’s why power is more important than strength in most sports.