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What Burns More Calories: lifting weights, cardio, commuting by bike or on foot

Conventional wisdom says that aerobic exercise (combined with cutting calories) is the best way to lose weight. But millions of people have logged hours on elliptical machines and stationary bikes without dropping any pounds. This means that either (a) losing weight takes a lot more effort than most people expect, or (b) we’ve been misled and there’s a much better way to lose weight. Strength training is often proposed as that “better way”—though the evidence strongly suggests the real answer is (a).

I eat more when i exercise? how to lose weight, but gain muscle

It’s true that increasing your physical activity levels can make you feel hungrier, but the same is true of eating less. Your body will respond to any change that results in you taking in fewer calories than you burn with a series of physiological and behavioral tactics that conspire to keep you at your current weight. That’s why almost none of the weight-loss interventions that have been tested in clinical trials achieve losses that the majority of participants sustain beyond a few years. It’s not just exercising to lose weight that’s hard—it’s losing weight by any means.