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Boost your Immunity with Flaxseed

Flaxseed benefits the cardiovascular, glandular, and musculoskel­etal immune centers. Immunity Strengths From thinner blood to tougher bones (and beyond,) flax is the seed to stock. Flaxseed Builds Bone. Flaxseed is the number one source...

Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Behavior

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACID NOMENCLATURE, STRUCTURE, AND METABOLISM Humans typically consume about 20 different types of fatty acids in the diet, which can be grouped as either saturated or unsaturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids...

How to Create Brain-Building Formula

All in all, fish oil is essential at any age for optimal brain functioning. Eat fish or take fish oil supplements, readily available at health food stores and pharmacies.

How to have a Better Brain for Your Baby

ALARMING FACT: A lack of the right fats can create a deficiency in your baby’s brain with irreversible consequences.
BRAIN FACT: Mother’s milk contains about thirty times more brain-essential DHA (fish oil) than cow’s milk.

How fish oil blunts brain damage – fight against Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia

If you are a heavy drinker, you may take some comfort in the fact that fish oil may help save your brain from alco­hol-induced damage. Dr. Norman Salem, at the National Institutes of Health, explains that excessive alcohol depletes brain levels of omega-3s, DHA in particular, leading to neu­rological damage and visual impairment.

Speed up your Brain – Think Faster, Concentrate Better

Indeed, there’s striking new evidence that eating omega-3 fatty acids from fish can speed up brain efficiency in normal persons, as reported by Japanese investigator K. Myanaga at a 1998 international scientific conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Fish oil and flaxseed oil benefits over depression

Under mental stress, you’re more apt to become aggressive against others. But it’s less likely if your brain is under the influence of fish oil. That’s the astonishing finding of a recent study of forty-one Japanese students by Tomohito Hamazaki and colleagues at the Toyama Medical and Phar­maceutical University.