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Well-being and Health care

When we are healthy, we can adapt to change. If our bodies and minds get what they need and are not overwhelmed, they can successfully meet challenges. Like a spinning gyroscope, we stay upright...

How to manage stress – Hands-On Healing 10 tips

1. Discover Your Life-Force Energy Many ancient, non-Western cultures, be they in native North America, India, China, Japan, or ancient Greece, believed that there are two fundamental aspects to the human body. There is...

How do I determine my maximum heart rate and how to breathe

The conventional wisdom, used by even the fanciest cardio machines, is that maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age. It’s simple, easy to calculate, and—more often than not—wrong. “It turns out there’s not much scientific evidence for that formula,” says Hirofumi Tanaka, head of the University of Texas’s Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory.