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Boost your Immunity with Carrots

Carrots benefit the cardiovascular, glandular, and digestive/detox­ification immune centers. Carrot in front of your nose? Get it in your mouth, and your eyes will thank you. So will almost everything else below your line...

Eat Fruits and Vegetables to Save Your Brain

Save Your Brain: Eat Fruits and Vegetables Where do you get the antioxidants that fight off the free radicals that would destroy your brain? Nature provided an army of antioxidants in the food supply....

Antioxidant vitamins and probiotics health benefits after exercise

Every year when cold and flu season hits, sales of orange juice soar as people seek the protection of vitamin C. Faith in the power of antioxidants is deeply entrenched. But over the past few years, a series of vast studies involving hundreds of thousands of subjects has failed to find any health benefits from antioxidant supplements. Now, another group of studies suggests that popping these pills may even block some of the benefits of exercise and slow down post-workout muscle recovery.