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All the right moves – Get fit to burn fat

From middle age on there is nothing more vital to your health and weight control than to build lean muscle mass, and the only way that happens is with weight training and exercise. Exercise...

Learn Why Exercising Increases Fat Loss

We’ve seen the many health risks associated with abdominal fat. Now for the good news: abdominal fat is the easiest type of body fat to lose. Fat is stored in cells in the form of...

Spinning classes better than outdoor cycling – the real difference to your health

In theory, cycling is cycling. The pulse of the music, the exhortations of your instructor, and the presence of a group of like-minded exercisers do nothing to spin your pedals. In practice, though, the ingredients of a typical indoor cycling class somehow combine to lift workouts to heights that most participants wouldn’t achieve on their own. The alchemy of group exercise is well known to runners and aerobics classes, but spinning has found a recipe so powerful that researchers studying it have been forced to re-evaluate their definition of “maximal” exercise—and sound a warning for beginners who may wander into a class unprepared.