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What to Eat to Treat Indigestion

Indigestion affects the nervous, glandular, and digestive/detoxifi­cation immune centers. “I stand in awe of my body,” said Thoreau. You should, too—espe­cially your gut. More than 60 percent of the body’s antibodies are produced there....

Ostomy – your life after colostomy – Cancer therapy

An ostomy is the surgical creation of an “opening into” some organ to connect it with the skin. There are various kinds of ostomies—a tracheostomy, for example, can be performed to improve breathing. Most ostomies, however, are performed to allow the elimination of body wastes through the abdominal wall.

Ostomy is the word for the total change the surgeon makes. Ostomate is one common term for a person who undergoes this change in personal plumbing. The new opening that can be seen on the abdomen is called a stoma.